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Rates :
$50 / 30 minutes
$90 / 60 minutes
$120 / 90 minutes
Medical Massage – Contact for pricing

Therapeutic Massage
In a therapeutic massage session I will combine various modalities such as cupping, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, passive stretching, and others to help you reach your goals for the treatment. Through training in a physical therapy clinic, I’ve assisted in rehabilitating various injuries and surgeries through the use of massage and manual therapy. I believe in taking a holistic approach to wellness which includes massage as a form of pain relief rather than medications when possible. That being said, you do not need to be in acute or chronic pain to benefit from a therapeutic session! I utilize many techniques that are also very relaxing to the body and mind. Whatever your goals for the session are, I’m confident that we can meet them together. 

Prenatal Massage
“Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are significantly altered when massage therapy is introduced to women’s prenatal care. This leads to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health. These changes in hormone levels also led to fewer complications during birth and fewer instances of newborn complications, such as low birth weight. The evidence strongly suggests there are maternal and newborn health benefits when therapeutic massage is incorporated into regular prenatal care.”

From American Pregnancy Association

I use the side-lying position for prenatal sessions, which is recommended by American Pregnancy Association. This means that you will be laying on each side for half of the appointment, flipping halfway through. I use pillows to help prop you up and make sure you’re extra comfortable the whole time, this allows me to work on your back without you having to be face down. Please check with your doctor to be sure that massage is safe for you to receive if you have a high risk pregnancy. Minimum session length is 60 minutes.

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